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Safest roads in Europe

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Safest roads in Europe

Post by Admin on Mon Mar 31, 2008 6:06 pm

An analysis of the overall traffic and accident situation in each of 16 European countries carried out by the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP), shows that the UK has the safest roads in Europe.

Road fatalities per 100,000 population
Portugal 21
Greece 20.2
Spain 14.6
France 14.4
Belgium 13.7
Luxembourg 13.5
Austria 13.4
Italy 11
Ireland 11
Denmark 9.7
Germany 9.5
Netherlands 6.9
Sweden 6.6
United Kingdom 5.9

This difference is even better when we look at motorways only.

Motorways Deaths per billion vehicle-km.
Portugal 14.1
Italy 12.8
Austria 8.9
Belgium 7.2
France 5.4
Finland 5.0
Germany 4.5
Denmark 4.3
Ireland 4.0
Switzerland 3.3
Netherlands 3.3
Sweden 3.2
United Kingdom 2.0

Compare this with motorway usage. Due to lack of government investment in sufficient motorway routes, the UK's motorways are significantly busier than other european motorways. Despite this our motorways are still by far the safest.

Motorway usage
(Average daily vehicle flow)
United Kingdom 64,900
Netherlands 52,400
Germany 45,800
Belgium 44,600
Switzerland 38,200
France 29,400
Denmark 26,700
Italy 26,000
Ireland 26,000
Austria 25,600
Portugal 25,100
Sweden 17,700

Our motorway safety is clearly excellent compared with other countries, and our relative A-road safety is equally good.

A-class roads deaths per billion vehicle-km
(Those roads that are immediately below motorway standard Not all countries supply this data.)
Austria 22.9
France 20.6
Belgium 19.9
Germany 19.5
Netherlands 17.5
Denmark 15.5
Ireland 14.0
Finland 12.2
United Kingdom 6.2

Once again this excellent road safety record exists despite our A roads being busier than other European countries due to the UK's lack of investment in new roads and bypasses.

A-class roads usage
(Average daily vehicle flow)
United Kingdom 17,200
France 10,100
Germany 9,500
Netherlands 8,100
Belgium 7,400
Finland 3,200

When the UK clearly has by far the safest roads in Europe, we have to ask why we also have the most anti-car government in Europe, if not the world.

The British government spends millions of pounds of public money on propaganda which gives the impression that our roads are the worst in Europe.

To implement it's so called "road safety" policy, it imposes speed cameras, traffic calming, speed humps, unreasonably low speed limits, bus lanes, road narrowing, and complete road closures. It covers our roads and pavements with a shambolic mess of white lines, red and green splodges, textured surfaces and obstructions.

Despite our motorways being the safest in Europe by a country mile, the government pig-headedly refuses to raise the utterly discredited 70 mph motorway speed limit.

We are not saying that road safety in the UK cannot be improved, but the way to achieve that is clearly to praise drivers for being the safest in Europe, and to encourage excellence through education. Battering drivers with an endless succession of 'sticks' may be something favoured by the likes of John Prescott, but people do not take kindly to such aggression and abuse of power.



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