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Blonde joke

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Blonde joke

Post by Admin on Sat Mar 15, 2008 3:28 am

Every blonde in the world gathered in Wales for a 'Blonde fair' to show the world that all blondes aren't dumb.To prove they are clever, one blonde lady went on stage and had to answer a maths question live on television.

"Okay," said the manager, "you have to answer this correctly to prove you are clever. What is 5 times 5?"

The blonde was worried. "Uh...58?"

"No, the answer is 25."

But the blonde crowd was angry and they shouted, "Give her another chance, GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE!"

The manager agreed. "Okay then, what is 10 minus 3?"

The blonde smiled. "4 of course!"

"No, the answer is 7"

The crowd again wanted her to try again. "Give her another chance, GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE!"

"Alright," said the manager, "but this is the last chance. What is 2 plus 2?"

The blonde thought for a while then said, "uh...4?"

The manager started to congratulate her, "Well..." but he was interrupted by the crowd that were shouting.

"Give her another chance, GIVE HER ANOTHER CHANCE!"


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